• What we are and what we do

    “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” - John Paul II, Fides et Ratio. Inspired by John Paul II and great Catholic educators, The Honors Institute is a four-year educational program which provides a truly liberal education through close analysis, clear exposition, and friendly discussion of great texts (Christian, classical, and modern)....READ MORE

  • Our approach to great books

    “True education consists in reading old books together with one’s friends… [That is], those books which have withstood the test of time and which recommend themselves to us by the subtlety of their thought, the grace of their style, and their insight into the fundamental human problems… ” – Ernest L. Fortin, Christian Education and Modern Democracy...READ MORE

  • Our animating spirit: Gladly to learn, gladly to teach

    Students and teachers in the Honors Institute are all students of master teachers – authors of great texts. We have a love of learning and aim at the same goal: progress in  true understanding of the most important matters. In this undertaking, the more experienced assist the less experienced in a shared quest...READ MORE

  • An education in and out of the classroom

    Discussion of texts and issues does not stop in the classroom. Honors Institute students extend classroom colloquies and queries to dinner conversations and occasionally (if truth be told) into the late hours of the evening. But experiences other than intellectual ones also figure prominently in the lives of our students...READ MORE

  • Honors Institute graduates go places

    Honors graduates have gone on to careers in journalism, medicine, law, scientific research, NASA, business, high finance, and higher education. Others have been called to the priesthood or to life as members of religious orders....READ MORE

  • Student Testimonials

    “As a student in the Honors Institute, I have become part of a unique and engaging academic community. From classes and cultural events to professors and students, the Honors Institute has been…” READ MORE TESTIMONIALS